Inspired during the hunt for a good, free product mockup maker during a hackathon, Frame was one of those ideas started by asking “hey, we can’t be the only people with this problem!”.

The premise behind Frame is to allow users to upload a screenshot of their website or mobile app and have it placed into a mocked up screen, as if someone had taken a picture of someone using their product in real life. Seeing products ‘in situ’ can often be more interesting and engaging than a series of flat screenshots.

Built over the course of a couple of months, Frame was published on Product Hunt and quickly went viral. To date, over 100,000 scenes have been generated for free using Frame!

Project Summary

Project Type Lab25 Project
Tech Stack Node.js, MySQL, ImageMagick, Amazon S3
Timeline 2014-Present
Links Frame

The Future

Frame as a project is continually evolving. Next steps in the roadmap are to refresh the scenes available, bringing in fresh content for users, alongside adding extra features as we go!

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